Flat Adenoma Resection Instrument (Typ U)

Instrument for incision or incision of neoplastic Lesions of the mucosa before the endoscopic submucosa Resection (ESR) Dissection (ESD)

Before endoscopic submucosal resection (ESR) with „Flat-Adenoma-Resection-Instrument (Typ U)“ or before endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) with an ESD Knife. The mucosa around the lesion must becutting in sano the submucosa. For ESR with a Typ U, the incision should be close as possible to the muscularis propria. take place. The HF surgical resection loop of a Flat-Adenoma-Resection-Instrument should be applied into the incision gap thus formed close as possible to the propria muscularis.

For this purpose, an HF surgical incision or incisional incision - called Flat-Adenoma-Resection-Instrument (Typ U) - Instrument with an optimized effector at the distal end of a catheter (Fig 1) developed .

The effector at the distal end of the catheter (1) consists of an electrically insulated and therefore HF surgically inactive skid (2) and a needle-shaped HF surgical cutting electrode (3). The cutting electrode is 1.0 mm or alternatively 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm long or short. The maximum depth of an incision is limited by the skid, which rests or slides on the mucosa and thus corresponds to the length of the cutting electrode.

The cutting electrode automatically aligns itself vertically to the respective tissue surface without manipulation at the proximal end of the catheter. For this purpose, the effector is freely rotatable in the distal end of the catheter (1) and kinked or angled between catheter and cutting electrode. The automatically vertical alignment of the needle electrode in the direction of the tissue surface thanks to this angle of the skid when the effector is against the tissue surface it does not matter how the fabric surface in question is formed and is spatially oriented.

The degrees of freedom for cutting with this effector are only limited in the vertical direction by the skid. The manipulation of the incision can be done with the endoscope and / or with the catheter. When making incisions on convex and/or concave tissue surfaces, the cutting electrode always remains vertical to the respective tissue surface when this instrument is used as intended.

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The Flat Adenoma Resection Instrument - Typ U is characterized by the following features:

  • 1. The HF-surgical cutting needle (3) automatically aligns itself vertically to the surface of the tissue to be cut already with slight pressure of the skid (2) against the surface of the tissue.
  • 2. The maximum cutting depth is limited by the skid (2) to the length of the cutting electrode (3), i.e. to 1 mm or 1.5 mm or 2 mm. Deeper cuts are possible by repeated cutting guides in the same cutting gap..
  • 3. Cutting is possible horizontally in all directions.
  • 4. The incision is possible with the endoscope and / or with the catheter.
  • 5. Any length, straight and / or curved cuts can be realized per cut.

  • The FARIn U can also be used for incision/cutting of lesions during ESD and for marking before and during coagulative hemostasis during lesion cutting.

    In vitro Demo: When the skid of the Flat-Adenoma-Resection-Instrument (Typ U) is pressed against tissue, the HF surgical cutting electrode is automatically aligned vertically to the tissue surface.

    Procedure for getting to know the characteristics and training of the intended manipulations of the Typ U.

    Before using a Flat Adenoma Resection Instrument - Typ U for the first time in vivo, it is recommended to get to know and master the properties of this instrument in vitro.

    For details please refer to our product sheet
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    Effective length of needle electrode 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0*) mm
    Needle electrode diameter 0,4 mm
    Outer diameter of catheter 2,3 mm
    Length of catheter 2,3 m
    Connector plug for HF power cable 4 mm
    Sterility EO sterilized
    Resterilization no
    Maximum permissible amplitude of the HF voltage 2 kVs
    certification CE 0483

    *) ATTENTION: When using a Flat Adenoma Resection Instrument - Typ U with 2 mm long needle electrode by a 2.8 mm instrument channel, care must be taken that the instrument channel is not damaged, i.e. the instrument is carefully passed through the instrument channel move.

    Produktblatt als PDF-Download