Laser-Technology for 2-D- und 3-D-processing in 5 NC-axes

Wishes for greater flexibility for new part geometries and at the same time faster delivery with the usual top quality as well as precision manufacturing of complex filigree parts can be realized with laser technology.

Laser cutting, Laser drilling and Laser welding. 

The outstanding features are extreme machine accuracy, highest positioning speed, dynamics of the X, Y, B and C axes through linear / torque drive technology. The precise implementation of the CAD / CAM data enables a reliable visualization of the component, thus reducing lead times through fast programming and enabling you to view your component on the screen better than before.


consists of modern equipment and machines from LASER TECHNIK


Laser marking

Marking with laser technology offers a wide range of options for signing and labeling.

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Laser cutting

Our laser cuts parts from different materials with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.005 mm.

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Laser drilling

We use three laser drilling processes to produce everything from micro-boreholes to large boreholes.

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Laser welding

Laser welding for precise processing and reduces heating of surrounding material.

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As subcontractors, we produce components and assemblies for customers in almost all industrial sectors - from prototypes to small batch series.